Confessions of a Cranky Comic Book Cartoonist: Now It Can Be Told! – “I Was the Alien Superman!”

Columnist Scott Shaw! brings his perspective as an experienced professional cartoonist and active participant in the comic book industry for more than 40 years. Get an insider’s look at the art form from someone in the trenches every day.

While you’re still enjoying your trick or treat treasures, here’s a rare installment of Scott Shaw!’s Now It Can Be Told that reveals a particularly memorable Halloween that changed the way Scott thought about comics forever!

Now It Can Be Told is a web-comic Scott creates as part of the web-collective Act-I-Vate. This story never appeared online though, and was first seen in Streetwise, an anthology of autobiographical stories published by TwoMorrows Publishing in 2000.

Click the comic for a closer view.

Scroll to the bottom for a better look at the classic comic that inspired Scott’s costume.

World’s Finest Comics #105 was published by DC Comics in late 1959 and featured cover art by legendary Superman artist Curt Swan. The cover story was written by Bill Finger, the uncredited co-creator of Batman and other related characters, and drawn by Dick Sprang who defined the look of Batman for twenty years starting in the mid-1940s.

World’s Finest Comics #105 (November 1959)

Scott Shaw! — yes, that exclamation point has adorned his name since junior high school — currently writes and draws comic books starring the Simpsons for Bongo Comic, The Adventures of Captain Rochester for Rochester Electronics, and his autobiographical comic strip, Now It Can Be Told! for Act-I-Vate, as well as performing his live Oddball Comics show. He just finished storyboarding four episodes of Cartoon Network’s Annoying Orange animated show, is finishing a new 8-page Now It Can Be Told! story for Dark Horse Presents (“I Covered Myself With Peanut Butter To Become…The Turd!”) and will be drawing an upcoming Mark Evanier-written Garfield comic book story for Ka-Boom. He’s currently writing and drawing on the first Annoying Orange graphic novel – split with Mike Kazaleh – for Papercutz.

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