Pixel Pages: Webcomics News (aka Accepting the Challenge)


Pixel Pages (yeah, we’ll work up some kind of proper logo/image; want to submit one?)

A few weeks back, Sean Kleefield wondered why his fellow comics news writers don’t cover webcomics better. And all I could think was… guilty as charged. So, challenge accepted.

I don’t really consider myself a journalist (despite the flack comics journalism sometimes gets [not all unjustified], there are some honest-to-gosh certified journalists working at the big sites like CBR) but sometimes I can pull off something passably acceptable for entertainment journalism from an independent blog. So that’s what I will endeavor to do here in our new column, Pixel Pages. Or I’ll just link to stuff that seems important. Your miles may vary.

There are several goals of the column:

  1. Provide news and information on non-print comics, which includes webcomics and digital comics
  2. Provide a promotional and informational platform for webcomics and digital comics creators as a means for them to reach new readers
  3. Expand readers’ and my own knowledge and awareness of webcomics and digital comics
  4. Not embarrass myself

(Probably already too late for that last one.)

The format of this column will almost certainly shift over time, both in frequency and layout, to meet the needs of whatever story or comic being covered. You can subscribe to this blog at the top right, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you get future installments.

I figure, everyone wants to reach more people, and I so rarely see webcomics creators do promotional outreach to the big comics news sites. Maybe there’s an impression they’re not interested? Well, I’m here to say, I’m interested. I love comics and I want good comics to find new eyeballs. The Comics Observer has a diverse line-up of columnists each attracting their own unique demographics of regular visitors, some of which are new to comics, returning to comics or interested in expanding their comics reading. So we’re in a unique position to spread around some comics love.

If you are affiliated with a webcomic or digital-first comic, or a fan of one, please be in touch. Email me at comicsobserver@gmail.com. Send me your press releases, your announcements, your art previews, just say ‘hi’ and let me know about your comic or your favorite comic. Send me news tips and let me know if there’s a story, topic or question you think deserves to be covered for creators and fans of webcomics and digital comics, as well as those that could potentially become fans.

Initially I’m most interested in hearing from and covering comics with a regular readership of a few thousand or more, but I’m hardly going to ask for anyone to prove themselves. If I have the space and availability, and think it’s newsworthy, I’ll do my best to cover it and do it justice.

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